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Online presence is vital 

Let’s be honest; most of us have no idea where our information resides. All our data is collected, bought, and ready to be used by the highest bidder. The reality is, your data is likely compromised. But here’s the good news, we can help to restore your online privacy and protect kids from cyberbullying.

That’s why we created Presence Global, the world’s first platform that captures your online life. The Presence Global platform first identifies your digital footprints, provides control of what’s being shared, safeguards your reputation, and eliminates unwanted exposure by providing tailored remediation plans to clean your digital existence.

Total and complete privacy might be a thing of the past, but the ability to control our information shouldn’t be. It’s time to protect and maintain our digital health, as we do with our physical and mental well-being.


Presence Protection?

Who has access to my information?

If you use personally identifiable information (PII) to fill out online forms or share information about yourself socially, an identity thief can use this data to answer ‘challenge’ questions and get access to sensitive information, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Some websites sell your data to third parties and make a profit on that exchange of information. Your data has a price, and you become the product. Use Presence to filter out sites that sell your information.

Should I share my personal data on this site?

Most sites have a privacy policy that provides a description on how it manages security, and uses the personal data it collects. However, privacy policies can be long and complex that are beyond the understanding of an average user.

Will my data live forever?
Your data online is like the immortal jellyfish; your sensitive information can be cloned and replicated endlessly. Presence Global allows you to take action and stop the cloning at its source. By actively engaging with the application’s real-time notifications and removing sensitive data from sites and online locations where that information is vulnerable, we are putting an end to this malicious cycle.
How can Presence help?
Presence provides a consolidated view of personal identifiable information (PII) data shared on the internet, and provides recommendations on how to protect, opt-out, or remove data directly from the data hoarding websites.

Our Advisors


Stephen Breen

Advisor, Presence Global

Stephen specializes in delivering high quality software security, network and web application
assessments. His previous experience as a developer and experience collaborating with clients’ defense teams gives him unique insight in finding weaknesses in processes and systems.

Stephen started his career as a software developer with a master’s degree in Computer Science and has been working exclusively on offensive security for the past eight years.

Stephen has spoken about some of his research projects at a number of conferences including BlackHat USA, ShmooCon, and DerbyCon. The projects ranged from novel techniques to perform privilege escalation on Windows, to a deep-dive into some Mobile Device Management products. Steven also maintains a blog to document his public facing research projects, some of which have been widely recognized across the industry including a nomination for the 2016 “Best Server-Side Bug” Pwnie award.


Vishwas Manral

Advisor, Presence Global

CEO @ NanoSec, Head of Container Security at McAfee

Vishwas is the Head of Container Security and the Chief Architect, Cloud at McAfee. He joined McAfee through the acquisition of his company NanoSec in August 2019. Vishwas is an advisor to multiple security companies, as well as Bootup Ventures and H.A.C.K. an accelerator for Cybersecurity in Bangalore – which is an accelerator jointly managed by Indian Institute of Science and Government of Karnataka, India.

Vishwas in past has been the CTO & Founder of Ionos Networks as well as been a Chief Technologist in HPE having led the vision, direction and road maps of their edge product line.

Vishwas has a deep technology background and has led multiple efforts on creating technologies having been the author of technologies like IPsec, DVPN (which are there in nearly every router out there and used by every enterprise).

Craig LeClair

Craig LeClair

Advisor, Presence Global

Craig has been an adviser to a number of data privacy start-ups ranging in both the personal and enterprise spaces. As CIO of Altera, he built out the software, hardware infrastructure as well as policy around protecting the company’s intellectual property.

Craig spent the first 30 years of his career at Altera (acquired by Intel) in a variety of marketing and information technology roles. Most recently, he is head of business operations for the Storage business unit of Marvell.


Anupam Sahai

Advisor, Presence Global

Anupam is result-focused leader with 360 degrees view of the company, having played multiple leadership roles in Technology, Product and Marketing.

He has deep expertise in Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Services including AWS/GCP/Azure and Private Clouds, Cybersecurity, GRC and AI/ML. 

Throughout his career he worked with multiple companies in multiple leadership roles, from startups to large organizations such as Cavirin, IXIA, Microsoft, Polycom and HWP.

Anupam has a Bachelors from IIT Kharagpur, INDIA and Masters in Engineering and Management from MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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