Top Secret: Your Personal Data

If James Bond isn’t Around to Protect Your Personal Data, Who Will?

From novels to the big screen, James Bond has become an icon in the world of hyperbolic super-spy lore.  Cinematic representations of Ian Flemming’s original novels often portray Bond as an implacable agent dismantling evil schemes conceived by terrorism financiers like Le Chiffre in Casino Royale and evil megalomaniacs like Karl Stromberg in The Spy Who Loved Me.

A quintessential scene in Skyfall highlights the severity of internet hacking. While the film remains a fictional account of Bond’s deeds, this act underlines the importance of internet security. The scene opens with Bond bound tightly to a chair in a room filled with computers and what seems to be an endless sea of intertwined cables.  Bond’s nemesis, Raoul Silva, makes a grand entrance and proceeds to unravel his scheme in an attempt to convert Bond into one of his associates.

At one point, during his pitch, Silva says, “If you wanted, you could pick your secret missions as I do. Name it. Name it! Destabilize a multi-national by manipulating stocks.  Boop!  Easy. Interrupt transmissions from a spy satellite over Kabul. Pop! Done.  Rig the election in Uganda all to the highest bidder.  Just point and click.” If you want to watch the scene, you can see it here.

While this movie’s depiction of illegal, criminal activity seems farfetched, internet-based threats are far from fictitious.  Hacking, where unauthorized users gain access to computer systems, email accounts, websites, personal information, and much more, is a threat to everyday internet users worldwide. 

Everyone Deserves a Solution to Invasions of Online Privacy

Thankfully, proactive protection from threats to your privacy is possible with Presence. While Bond is deployed to subdue criminals, who have already committed atrocious transgressions, Presence implements a more proactive solution. The application consolidates all of your personal, private information, scattered across the internet, and provides recommendations on how best to manage that data.  By tracking your digital footprint and giving you real-time solutions, this tool will minimize potential breaches and allow you to avoid malicious activity. With Presence, you don’t have to worry about criminals like Raoul Silva accessing your sensitive, personal data.

protect your personal data
You might not be a spy, but you CAN protect your personal data!

This type of protection may sound costly, but Presence is exceptionally affordable. Presence is a user-friendly application that doesn’t break the bank at an industry low of $1.99 a month.  Everyone deserves an easy and intuitive solution to online privacy. The platform is built for the everyday internet user. It has all the features and functionality people deserve— single-tiered pricing and a simple-to-use interface that works well across all devices. Don’t let the Silvas of the world steal your data. Take the first step toward protecting your personal data at

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Director Marketing @ Presence Global
May 11, 2020 7:07:25 PM

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