Technology and Society

Technology and Society: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

Understanding the relationship between modern-day innovation and its effect on society as a whole can be polarizing. Technology and society are often at odds with one another. It’s a big game of “tug of war”. There is much to be grateful for and a lot to be wary of. Animator Steve Cutts and musician Moby collaborated to make this spellbinding animation depicting some of the adverse effects technology has had on our daily lives. 

We used to send letters; now, we send text messages. Friday nights at Blockbuster have turned into infinite scrolling sessions on streaming services. Being able to differentiate CGI/animation from live production used to be easy. Little by little, the world is changing. We can either reject the change or embrace it. 

The rise of technology has affected the most fundamental aspect of our lives. The way we communicate, learn, and think have all been shaped by the technological advancements of the 21st century Some of these transitions have been positive; advancements in medicine and transportation  offer great hope for future generations. Sadly, some of these changes have had adverse effects, including the rise of cyberbullying and social addiction. 

The Future of Society is Unfolding

Don’t believe it? Watch Netflix’s new documentary, The Social Dilemma, and you will understand the significance of this modern-day issue. It’s almost as if we’re all living in an episode of Black Mirror; it begins with a utopic scenario, but as time goes on and decisions go unchecked, the reality becomes clear – we’re being manipulated! 

While it does have its pitfalls, virtual social engagement isn’t necessarily all bad. Access to learning, and virtual education has never been easier. We’re no longer reliant on our immediate location to access certain opportunities. The internet has afforded us the ability to learn something new every day. My concern with technology is not about the capabilities but rather how it’s being used and the strings that are being pulled behind the screens.  

Social media platforms have allowed users to connect with other people, across the globe, through common interests and demographics, but the reality is apparent; we spend more time looking at our own devices than we do with other people.  The algorithms for these platforms were designed this way, to prey upon our desires, dreams, weaknesses, and emotions.  

technology and society: Is everything we see real?
Is everything we see real?

Where do we go from here?

The internet and the advancements in technology we have made as a species is truly something to marvel at.  Yes, it has brought about some good for society, but there will always be those that seek to exploit you and your personal information using the same technological advancements.  The good news is, you have a choice to minimize that with Presence Global. We believe you have the right to know who has access to your data and should be able to opt-out at any time.  Our team is here to provide you with the tools to do exactly that.  It’s high time we take control of our online privacy and establish some checks and balances with how we consume technology. 

We’ve put together a list of the 4 things Presence can do for you. Let’s achieve internet privacy and bridge the gap between what’s good for both technology and society.

Join the movement. #PrivacyFirst 

Hungry for more!  Check out these resources, outlining the effects of a virtually connected world:,and%20it%20impacts%20daily%20lives.

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