Data Analytics or Data Analytricks?

Data analytics invading your data privacy

Do you know how much data you’ve been serving up to digital giants?

We’re not just talking about a harmless friend list or restaurants you’ve visited. We’re talking about data that’s far more sensitive. You may not be able to judge precisely what data is being shared because of unconventional formats. Still, behind all the smoke and mirrors, your personal information is being traded, sold, and illegally shared. We see the news almost regularly in the story but brush it off and continue to ignore best practices around internet security and privacy. Data analytics can generate incredibly insightful findings but when used maliciously the impact can be devastating. 

Take Facebook, for example. If you recall, Facebook was a part of an enormous data privacy scandal that should have rocked users to their core. Yet, people continue to utilize these platforms in an almost irresponsible manner when it comes to the protection of their personal, sensitive data.

data analytics
Data Analytics Console: Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Social media isn’t the only medium that corporations and individuals are using to collect personal information and preferences.  For instance, exercise monitors and dieting applications may seem harmless. Still, corporations are utilizing these information carriers to harvest precise data like when you work out, how many protein bars you’ve consumed this last week, and much more. Data and data analytics are such influential issues that CEO’s of some of the largest tech corporations came under fire during House Judiciary Committee hearings on Antitrust Law.

Big Data, Big Insights

Why do they harvest all this data? To build a roadmap of what you do, where you go, who you engage with, and what you consume. Separately these pieces of information may come across as inconsequential, but together, they form a powerful tool. People and organizations sell this information to big corporations who, in turn, herd you and others, with similar lifestyles, into cattle-like groups.  They then apply marketing pressure that explicitly targets your demographic makeup, interests, and sometimes vices. In doing so, these companies are essentially making money from your shared information.  Money that you don’t see a dime of!

That’s why we created Presence, to provide control of YOUR information back to you.

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Founder & CEO @ Presence Global
Jun 9, 2020 4:04:38 PM

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