The Internet Could be the Key to Data Privacy

The process of giving up our privacy is much easier than protecting it – could that change?

From receiving ads in our mailboxes about products to pop-up recommendations based on our political views, we as internet users are continuously bombarded with unexpected, unwanted online content. Many of us view these intrusive marketing experiences as harmless, but in reality, they can be invasive and potentially dangerous. These digital projections of ourselves are like virtual doppelgangers (ghostly counterparts), plastering our internet personas, thoughts, and influences all over the world-wide-web for anyone to access.

In our constant thirst and almost fanatical quest to make our presence felt in this world, many of us don’t realize that we are playing into the hands of the powerful corporations and companies that earn money from our online interactions and the personal information that we share.

A connected world has its pitfalls

Undoubtedly the gain of spreading our thoughts over a digital medium was a great boon for the human race. Things that we thought to be impossible 50 years ago are now the norm. People can communicate with others in different countries without the hassle and cost of extended travel; employees can accomplish their jobs from the comfort of their home; and a wealth of information and answers are a few clicks away. The world is a much more connected place.

The internet made the world more connected
The world is a much more connected: Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Unfortunately for many, the basic, compelling needs to be heard, noticed, and appreciated outweighs the risks that come with giving away personal information and preferences. Social media, although fun and at times informative, is one of the biggest offenders. Trillions of megabytes, in the form of information, from millions of users, are daily being fed into the digital space. This data is the gold ore for people who have the patience and know-how to process, harness, and exploit that information for their benefit. And while computer processing continues to grow, the amount of time and knowledge an organization or criminal needs to access that information is shrinking.

Since the creation of the internet, data breaches have become more sophisticated, aggressive, and frequent. In many cases, the national government has been forced to intervene, which has led to congressional hearings harping on the scathing issues of anti-trust law and consumer privacy.

Why the Internet?

The answer to these rampant issues lies in the problem itself—the Internet. While the internet can be used by corporations and criminals to exploit the lack of security for your personal information, it can also be used to protect yourself digitally. There are countless applications and tools that do the work of identifying and blocking those trying to take advantage of your online identity. With this in mind, we created Presence Global, an app that leads you on the path of privacy and security by giving you control over the illegal and unsolicited spread of your personal information.

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Consumer Security Evangelist @ Presence Global.
Jun 2, 2020 6:06:57 AM

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