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Protect Your Loved Ones from Cyberbullying


A community of trusted supporters when responding to acts of cyberbullying. With Hive you’ll get notified when loved ones aren’t acting their usual selves.

What’s Hive?

Hive empowers users to join a community of support. Friends or family, it’s totally up to you! By analyzing the sentiment of a member’s social post, the Hive members will be notified when an individual seems to be struggling.

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Presence Means Privacy







Set Up & Data Privacy Policy

What We Collect

To start, enter your phone number and zip code, and see the online information associated with you in the public domain.

Our users are never treated as products and we do not sell or provide data access to any third-party analytics company.

What Information Do We Collect? 

  • Information found on third-party websites that are accessed by Presence Global to provide our internet privacy control services.
  • We don’t need to save any of your social media credentials credentials on the Presence platform because we re-direct to the social media platform for authentication.

Welcome to Your Data Dashboard

This is what your data privacy dashboard looks like. From here, you can monitor your
digital footprint, audit your social media settings, and much more.

Opt-Out from Data Hoarders

Why Opt-Out?

Under the new regulations, consumers are empowered to take back their data. But with the scale of the internet, it can be difficult to locate all the information about us out there. With Presence Global, you can see all the information about you on the Internet, decide wha to opt-out of, and gain control of your digital footprint.


Get Notified if Your Email is a Part of Breach


Track Multiple Emails


Find and Fix the Source

Monitor Your Social Media


Audit Security Settings

Check the security level
of your social media
privacy settings


Monitor Login Activity

Track your log-in history
to ensure unwanted behavior
doesn’t go unnoticed

Delete Tweets in 4 Steps!

Step 1 Delete Social Media Posts with Presence Screenshot

Step 1:

Navigate to the Privacy and Security Audit button on your dashboard.

Step 2 Delete Social Media Posts with Presence Screenshot

Step 2:

Choose the social media platform you wish to clean.

Step 3 Delete Social Media Posts with Presence Screenshot

Step 3:

Tap the delete tweets button at the bottom of the screen

Step 4 Delete Social Media Posts with Presence Screenshot

Step 4:

Choose your desired date or date range. All posts within that time frame will be removed from your account.

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