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Data Privacy for All,
Cyberbullying for none

We’re Presence

Our main goal is to provide digital safety for peace of mind. From cyberbullies to hackers to companies that gather and market your data in an endless number of ways, Presence Global gives you the privacy management tool to control your digital life.



Our Founders

Mukul Kumar, Founder & CEO

Throughout his more than twenty-year career, Mukul has frequently been tapped to develop and oversee data and security initiatives for Silicon Valley startups as well as leading worldwide brands. He served in various positions, including CISO at Altera, acquired by Intel, for nearly a decade. Mukul was also CISO and VP of Cyber Practice at Cavirin Systems and Balbix.

Amrita Bisht, Founder & CTO

Amrita is a technology leader with twenty years of experience in driving complex, innovative engineering solutions and driving business strategy. Amrita has worked at USAC, World Bank, and Real Networks Inc., enabling business objectives of companies such as Verizon, Sprint, Boost, and Metro PCS. Some of her previous systems development work is still being used by World Bank in different countries for global administration programs.


Our Privacy Policy is Simple


Plenty of your personal data is on the internet. We’ll help you locate your digital footprint and let you control it.

Your Privacy is Our Priority

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Who We Are?

We’re on a mission to raise awareness about data privacy and cyberbullying.
Get informed on best practices to protect your online information and
give your family the tools to combat cyberbullying.

We work with partner organizations to provide education on digital safety best practices.
We partner with education organizations to fight against cyberbullying.
Protecting your online presence is what we’re all about.
Your digital privacy is our priority.

Data Privacy = Digital Wellness

We’re in this together.

Our Advisors



Advisor, Presence Global
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Aya has worked in the global telecommunications and ICT infrastructure sector, primarily focused on the global network, data center, cloud, and security sales for over 20 years. Her clients have included many of the best-known companies in the Bay Area. Aya has also done business development for start-ups in the US and Japan, worked in advertising, and in news production for a documentary film and TV production company. Aya is passionate about making the internet a safer place for the next generation.


Stephen Breen

Advisor, Presence Global
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Stephen specializes in delivering high quality software security, network and web application
assessments. His previous experience as a developer and experience collaborating with clients’ defense teams gives him unique insight in finding weaknesses in processes and systems.

Stephen started his career as a software developer with a master’s degree in Computer Science and has been working exclusively on offensive security for the past eight years.

Stephen has spoken about some of his research projects at a number of conferences including BlackHat USA, ShmooCon, and DerbyCon. The projects ranged from novel techniques to perform privilege escalation on Windows, to a deep-dive into some Mobile Device Management products. Steven also maintains a blog to document his public facing research projects, some of which have been widely recognized across the industry including a nomination for the 2016 “Best Server-Side Bug” Pwnie award.


Vishwas Manral

Advisor, Presence Global
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CEO @ NanoSec, Head of Container Security at McAfee

Vishwas is the Head of Container Security and the Chief Architect, Cloud at McAfee. He joined McAfee through the acquisition of his company NanoSec in August 2019. Vishwas is an advisor to multiple security companies, as well as Bootup Ventures and H.A.C.K. an accelerator for Cybersecurity in Bangalore – which is an accelerator jointly managed by Indian Institute of Science and Government of Karnataka, India.

Vishwas in past has been the CTO & Founder of Ionos Networks as well as been a Chief Technologist in HPE having led the vision, direction and road maps of their edge product line.

Vishwas has a deep technology background and has led multiple efforts on creating technologies having been the author of technologies like IPsec, DVPN (which are there in nearly every router out there and used by every enterprise).

Craig LeClair

Craig LeClair

Advisor, Presence Global
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Craig has been an adviser to a number of data privacy start-ups ranging in both the personal and enterprise spaces. As CIO of Altera, he built out the software, hardware infrastructure as well as policy around protecting the company’s intellectual property.

Craig spent the first 30 years of his career at Altera (acquired by Intel) in a variety of marketing and information technology roles. Most recently, he is head of business operations for the Storage business unit of Marvell.


Anupam Sahai

Advisor, Presence Global
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Anupam is result-focused leader with 360 degrees view of the company, having played multiple leadership roles in Technology, Product and Marketing.

He has deep expertise in Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Services including AWS/GCP/Azure and Private Clouds, Cybersecurity, GRC and AI/ML. 

Throughout his career he worked with multiple companies in multiple leadership roles, from startups to large organizations such as Cavirin, IXIA, Microsoft, Polycom and HWP.

Anupam has a Bachelors from IIT Kharagpur, INDIA and Masters in Engineering and Management from MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Dr. Alva

Dr. Alva Johnson

Advisor, Presence Global
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Dr. Alva Johnson is an active retiree with a professional life span across 40 years with careers in corporate America and academia as human resources professional with expertise in business strategy, people management, and organization development and educator in the capacities as administrator, teacher, coach, and mentor, adjunct professor skilled in educational administration, strategic organizational initiatives, and planning.

Dr. Alva Johnson currently shares her expertise as an educational consultant with the University of Texas Elementary School. She holds a master’s degree in Public Administration, a Master of Education, and a Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership.

Richard Bagdonas

Richard Bagdonas

Advisor, Presence Global
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Richard Bagdonas has built technology and service companies for over 30 years and currently leads the team at Twinedge which creates technology solutions and spins them out into autonomous companies. With two companies being publicly traded, and five acquired, Richard is a proven leader in taking companies from inception to exit.

He is a recognized expert in HL7, 835/837 EDI standards, and PCI Security Standards. He authored four books on telecommunications and data network design and engineering, as well as co-authoring a book on the convergence of voice, video, and data communications.

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