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The world’s first app for online peace of mind

A complete solution for online privacy

Establish a secure online presence

Control your social media accounts

Make the internet safer for your kids and loved ones

 Presence Global Application

How does it work?

Decide what to share online. Manage your and your family’s security and privacy. 

A single place to view your digital footprint, control all your security settings, opt out of sharing information, know if your email has been breached, and more.

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1. Set up your search

Just enter your phone number and zip code. See online information associated with you in the public domain.

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2. Check your footprints

Decide what to share online. Control social media posts and your digital footprint.

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3. Be informed

Control social media and internet footprint, opt out from web-sites, and create a Hive to protect loved ones.

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Improving Data Privacy and Combating Cyberbullying Takes A Village

Global Encryption Coalition
Cybersecurity Awareness Month
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Need assistance? Talk to an expert.

Free, confidential, and without obligation.

Take control of your online digital health today

Presence Global provides online privacy protection



See Your Online Footprint

Control all your information in the public domain and manage privacy sprawl


Audit Social Media Settings

You might have values, but not everyone does. Keep your information on multiple social media platforms out of reach of strangers and marketing companies.


Delete Social Media Posts

Delete or hide social media posts that are no longer relevant


Privacy Companion

Set up a Hive to support, protect, and encourage your friends and family when they are not acting their usual selves on social media

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