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Your Online information makes your Identity vulnerable. Manage your Identity using Presence.

Receive real-time alerts for new online information.

Effortlessly delete your information from data hoarders.

Real-time notification for negative social media sentiments.

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Your Online Presence Matters

Discover your Online Identity

How often do you search for yourself online?

You may be astonished to learn how much of your identity is exposed in the online world, making you vulnerable to cyber criminals who can exploit it to defraud or tarnish your image. Use the Digital Presence capability to locate all your digital appearances. Stay up-to-date and receive real-time alerts about any new identity information regarding yourself.


Manage your Online Identity

Data hoarding websites? Robo-callers? Stay informed about your digital footprint on public sites, enabling you to monitor your identity and opt-out when necessary. Receive an alert if your email or phone has been compromised in a data breach.

Monitor your Social Media Post

Presence is an app that helps you keep your friends and family safe while they use social media. Using HIVE capability, create a group and check in with members without invading their privacy. HIVE can monitor the social interactions of group members and notify if any member is facing a difficult phase and engaging in aimless and agitated behavior on social media that may lead to bullying or adverse remarks.


Protecting Your Identity: Presence, Your Companion

With Presence, protect your identity from cyber threats by monitoring and managing your online information. Stay updated on your online identity and receive real-time alerts. Take control of your digital footprint, opt-out when needed, and be notified of any data breaches. Ensure the safety of your friends and family on social media through the HIVE feature, which allows group monitoring while respecting privacy. Presence is your trusted app for your online identity and privacy.

How does it work?

Create a profile to discover and manage your online information.

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1. Set up your search

Enter your Phone Number, Zip Code, and Primary Email Address. 

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2. Manage your digital identity

Opt out from Data Hoarders and Robo-Callers. Discover websites with Email Breaches, register for the national Do-Not-Call registry, and understand your digital identity.

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3. Create a Hive

Invite loved ones to form a HIVE. Connect social media and receive notifications of negative posts by HIVE members.




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Our Foundation


Protecting your Presence

Presence foundation receives a percentage of the global profits generated by Presence app. The foundation collaborates with other organizations to provide education on digital safety and the best ways to prevent cyberbullying.

We’re in this together.

Our Partners

Protecting data privacy and fighting cyberbullying requires collective effort.

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