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A complete solution for online privacy

Establish a secure online identity

Audit your social media accounts

Protect loved ones from cyberbullying 

 Presence Global Application

How does it work?

We feel it’s your fundamental right to know what information about you is available on the internet

Provides a holistic view of a user’s digital footprint on the internet and dark web

Provides a tool for parents to protect loved ones from cyber-bullying on social media

Audits social media security and privacy settings so that users can control what is shared 

Optout workflow allows individuals to manage their digital information and remove it from the internet

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1. Set up your search

It’s very easy. Verify yourself with your phone number, name, and zip code.

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2. Check your footprint

Validate your search results and start to take control of your online footprint.

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3. Be informed

Optout from data hoarders and get notified each time there’s new information available about you on the internet.

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Presence Global provides real-time privacy protection on the internet, social media, and from data hoarders.



Find Your Digital Footprint

A snapshot of your online information available in the public domain and a capability to reduce the privacy sprawl.


Audit Social Media Settings

Keep your information on multiple social media platforms out of reach from strangers and unwanted marketers.


Delete Social Media Posts

Clean up your social media feed by deleting old, unwanted, and overshared posts.


Privacy Companion

Create a Swarm to support, protect, and encourage your friends and family when they are not acting their usual selves on social media.

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