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Your Presence Matters

Protect Your Loved Ones

Presence is not a social app, it’s a community app. Create a Hive with your kids, family members and friends to look out for one another without stalking them or reading their texts. Presence helps you respect each other’s privacy. 


Achieve Peace of Mind

With Presence you can be confident that your online information is secure and protected. You’ll have better visibility about how your loved ones and community members are feeling and can provide support when it’s needed most.

Manage Your Data Privacy

Between the threat to mental health, password breaches, identify theft, endless cookie trails, and worrying about how your data is used, there’s a lot to keep track of online. Presence will guide you, so you can get back to doing the things you love.


Your Data Privacy Companion

Email breaches? Data hoarding websites? Robo-callers? A lot of the digital problems you face can be solved with better data privacy. Presence can help you.

Why Opt out?

Take control of your data. Don’t give companies free access to your data.

Let’s Talk

We’re here to support you however we can. If you’re an individual, stop by our office hours and we’ll be happy to assist you. If you’re a larger organization looking to host a cyberbullying or data privacy workshop, let us know!


How does it work?

Create a profile that will allow you to create a Hive, manage your data privacy, and enable Presence Global to show you what information is available about you online.

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1. Set up your search

Enter your phone number and zip code, and primary email address. Presence does not affect your browsers or impinge on your privacy.

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2. Create a Hive

Create a Hive, with your children or loved one(s). Presence does not see actual text communication, it uses AI and sentiment analysis to keep you safe online.

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3. Control your digital footprint

Opt out from data hoarders, see what websites have had email breaches, register on the national do not call registry, and get to know your digital footprint so you can stay safe online.

Cyberbullying is a Privacy Problem


Who has access to my information?

If you use personally identifiable information (PII) to fill out online forms or share information about yourself socially, an identity thief can use this data to answer ‘challenge’ questions and get access to sensitive information, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Some websites sell your data to third parties and make a profit on that exchange of information. Your data has a price, and you become the product. Use Presence to filter out sites that sell your information.


Should I share my personal data on this site?

Most sites have a privacy policy that provides a description on how it manages security, and uses the personal data it collects. However, privacy policies can be long and complex, designed to confuse an average


Will my data live forever?

Your data online is like the immortal jellyfish; your sensitive information can be cloned and replicated endlessly. Presence Global allows you to take action and stop the cloning at its source.

By actively engaging with the application’s real-time notifications and removing sensitive data from sites and online locations where that information is vulnerable, we are putting an end to this malicious cycle.


How can Presence Help?

Presence provides a consolidated view of personal identifiable information (PII) data shared on the internet, and provides recommendations on how to protect, opt-out, or remove data directly from the
data hoarding websites.

Have a data privacy related question? Ask us!


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Physical Footprint (scan every 90 days)


Digital Footprint (scan every 90 days)


Opt Out: From one data hoarding website


Hive: One Hive creation (Trial only)


Email Breach Alert: One email address scan




Physical Footprint (scan every 30 days)


Digital Footprint (scan every day)


Opt Out: Unlimited opt out from data hoarding websites


Hive: Unlimited Hive creation


Email Breach Alert: Unlimited email address scans

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Protecting your Presence

We’re on a mission to raise awareness about cyberbullying and data privacy.
Get informed on best practices to protect your online information and
give your family the tools to combat cyberbullying.

We’re in this together.

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